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McHenry Chiropractic Newsletter from OrthoIllinois Chiropractic for March 2016

Chiropractic for Low Back Pain – A Natural Fit
A group consensus was easily reached in discussing the role of chiropractic in the care of low back pain disorders: chiropractors are well suited to diagnose, treat, co-manage, and manage the treatment of low back pain disorders. (1) That’s just what OrthoIllinois Chiropractic thought! For our McHenry chiropractic patients, our care is quite relieving. 
Try Chiropractic First for Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Let us see your sacroiliac joint (SIJ) first! SIJ pain is real. As many as 30% of patients with low back pain report SIJ pain. SIJ surgeons even say that first line of care is physical therapy or chiropractic care. If these fail, then they’ll try more invasive procedures. (2) So, bring your SI joint to OrthoIllinois Chiropractic. If McHenry chiropractic care, a non-surgical approach, doesn’t produce results, there are surgeons ready to do surgery. But just think: pain relief may be less invasive than you think! 

Add Exercise for Back Pain Relief

There is always a new approach being reported in the medical literature for back pain relief, and this one is good: lumbar spine stabilization plus gluteus strengthening exercise reduces low back pain disability and increases lumbar muscle strength and balance in chronic low back pain patients. (3) It doesn’t take much to add this to your daily routine that may well pay off so grandly in pain relief! OrthoIllinois Chiropractic will show you how.  
Ineffectiveness of Gabapentin for Back Pain Relief

A new research report shares that when compared to a placebo gabapentin showed no significant effect on pain or disability of patients suffering with chronic low back pain with or without radiating leg              pain. (4) Ready to try a non-drug approach? Come to OrthoIllinois Chiropractic and see how some McHenry chiropractic care may reduce pain and disability due to low back and/or leg pain. Our chiropractic care with Cox Technic shows strong clinical outcomes for such relief.

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Effectiveness of Chondroitin Sulfate for Back Pain Relief

In Russia, it’s offered as a drug called Structum. In the US, chondroitin sulfate is offered as a supplement. It’s used to relieve non-specific back pain and vertebral pain, sometimes combined with NSAIDs, and helps people move more and enjoy their lives more. (5) Another study says that it relieves pain, improves joint function, has a lasting effects for at least up to 3 months after treatment, and is well tolerated, allowing patients to reduce their use of anti-inflammatory drugs. (6) Adding some chondroitin sulfate to your McHenry chiropractic treatment plan may be quite beneficial!  
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