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Core Exercise for McHenry Back Pain is Effective

Exercise. It’s not a dirty word! It’s truly a very good word, especially when it comes to back pain relief.

You know how you feel when your back hurts. It’s no fun. It slows you down. Back pain interrupts your life. Two-thirds of adults suffer with non-specific low back pain at some point in their lives (1), so you are one of many in McHenry with back pain. That probably isn’t too comforting, but OrthoIllinois Chiropractic is!

OrthoIllinois Chiropractic helps back pain go away, but keeping it away is a group project. Come to your McHenry chiropractic appointments. Be careful bending, lifting and twisting. Eat nutritionally. Exercise.

How? And what exercises are good to relieve and control back pain? Well, a new article just came out about core stabilization exercise. Core exercises were found to be more effective to reduce back pain and improve function because they decrease disability in patients who have non-specific low back pain. These core stabilization exercises were compared to conventional exercises. (inani) So ready to exercise your core? Great!

So what are core stabilization exercises? These exercises concentrate on the middle muscles of your abdomen. These muscles actually pack in around your spinal cord and spine. (Your spine is actually in the middle of your body, not at the "back" as it is often thought!) The "core" is a group of muscles made up of transversus abdominus, multifidus, diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles. These all have to work together to allow stability and keep you moving painfree. You want these core muscles to be tight and supportive.

There is a variety of core stabilization exercises at your disposal. The ball ones can be a bit more fun. If you don’t have a ball, floor based core exercises work just fine.

So chat with your McHenry chiropractor at your next appointment, and we’ll check out your core exercise routine. Let’s be sure you’re helping your back be strong and painfree. Contact OrthoIllinois Chiropractic today.

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